11 Things that Can Trigger a Headache

Things that Can Trigger a Headache

That annoying pain in your head that never lets you do anything, that does not let you sleep in peace or even sit still, the pain that makes you yell at people for no reason and makes you wish that you could just disappear. Welcome to the world of headaches. Headaches are second only to cold in the annoying factor. There are a lot of reasons as to why you would get a headache. Mostly it is self-induced and sometimes you have no control over your headaches. Here are some reasons and causes that can trigger a headache.

1. Lack of sleep

If you did not sleep well the previous night and was turning over in bed for most of the night, you are bound to wake up with a headache the next morning. This will be a persistent headache and would probably spoil the rest of your day unless you take a decent nap.

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2. Hangover

A hard night of partying without enough water and food to wash down the liquor can give you a killer headache in the morning. You’d also be sensitive to light and have this constant pounding in your head.

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3. Stress

Stress is also a major contributor to headaches. When you spend too much time thinking over something and analyzing it or stressing about something you cannot change, you would get a headache.

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4. Too much time in front of the computer

Way too much time spent in front of the computer looking at small prints not only hurts your eye but also leaves you with a mild headache when you get back home. This coupled with impossible traffic can make the headache worse.

5. Change in temperature

Sudden changes in temperature, too much time out in the cold or in the sun are also triggers for a headache. It is always best to take precautions before going out in extreme weather.

6. Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions like problems with your eyesight or a tumor can also trigger violent headaches. When the headache is constant and no amount of over the counter medication or home remedies work, you should go see a doctor and definitely get yourself checked.

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