6 Tips for Dating a Shy Guy

6 Tips for Dating a Shy Guy

Have you fallen in love with a shy guy? Are you dating him but are unsure about how you should behave with him? Then look through this quick guide which will help you with tips on dating shy guys and how to make them feel comfortable while dating.

1. Focus on conversation

Being introverts, shy guys may take their own time to come out of their shells and open up. When you are dating a shy guy, keep your focus on conversation more than anything else. Don’t fret about what you will do on your date or how you will look because those are not the things that matter to introverted guys. Making them talk will help in loosening them up and making them more comfortable in dating you.

2. Take the romantic lead

When you figure out that it is the right time to add a pinch or romance to your relationship with your shy guy, take the lead in your relationship. Shy guys are not likely to initiate romance or any sort of flirty behavior because they fear being rejected. Instill reassurance and confidence in your date by initiating some romance. This will give him a clear signal that you like him a lot and it might help him to return your romantic move with ease.

3. Compliment your shy guy often

Instilling confidence in your shy date is important because it will help him become more carefree in front of you. Compliment your guy for small things which make his ego bloat. Whether you like his shoes, the way he wears his jacket or the fragrance of his after shave, say it aloud so that he feels good about himself and breaks out of his mold.

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