5 Things Men Really Want in Women

Things Men Really Want in Women

Every man likes company of a woman. It is a well-established fact and regardless of what men say about women all the time let’s face it, they agree that life is much better with the opposite sex around. Though it is true that no man can get a woman who is perfect, he really wishes for some particular qualities in his woman. Check out the 5 things men really want in women.

1. Feminine and sexy personality

Men love women who are able to carry themselves neatly. They prefer women who dress colorfully, aptly and according to the occasion. It is a well-known fact that men are visual creatures, so attention women; there is nothing wrong in being sexy and feminine. Well, that does not mean you have to show a lot of skin, but dress in class to arrest his attention.

2. Natural beauty

It is a common misconception that men love fair faces. So, women try the maximum to put on the mask of makeup to invite attention. Chill! Most men hate painted faces. Men might like to hang out with a diva who takes frequent trips to the rest room to polish herself. However, it takes real beauty to look just as stunning minus all the frills. If you can pull off being hot in your worn out clothes, then you are definitely a keeper!

3. Strength

A man loves to be with a woman, who supports, encourages and tries to bring out the best in him. Men cannot stand women who are constant naggers, who find time only in comparing them with others or finding faults with them. It is important to always support a man in whatever he does in a positive way and if you do, you easily enter his heart.

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