10 Signs That You Are In Love

10 Signs That You Are In Love

Unsure if the butterflies you feel in your stomach indicate love? Find out the signs of true love and know if you are in love.

1. You think about him each time you watch a romantic movie, listen to a romantic song or read a romantic novel.

2. You start getting more conscious about your looks when he is around you.

3. You find yourself getting jealous when he is giving more attention to any other girl.

4. Time flies when he is around you.

5. You are unable to stop yourself from blushing when he compliments you.

6. Even when you are in a group, you find yourself searching for reasons to talk to only him.

7. You find yourself smiling when you think about the moments spent with him.

8. You don’t notice any other guy these days.

9. You keep checking your inbox again and again to see if he has texted you. When you get a message before opening it, you hope that it is from him.

10. If there was one person who you were continuously thinking about while reading this, you are surely in love with that person.

These are some signs that you are in love. If you come to know that you are in love, then stop waiting, go up to him and speak. May your love life bloom.

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