5 Things Men Don’t Want from Women

Things Men Don't Want from Women

Men cherish the woman in their lives. A loving, supportive woman can bring the best out of a man. It helps to know the things men do not want from their ladylove. While they might not tell you on your face, there are certain things, which turn them off. Here are the things, which men do not want from their women.

1. Long phone calls

While this was okay during the initial phase of the relationship, after a while, there is no need for such long calls. A civil conversation even between people who love each other very much should not be for more than five minutes. Men confess that they simply dislike being on the phone for anything longer than that. Whether they tell you or not, this is a fact.

2. Attempt to change them

He expects you to love him the way he is. There is absolutely no use trying to change anything about him. Let his taste in clothes, food, music and friends remain. They are an important part of his life and trying to altering it is what men detest the most. While you are welcome to give some suggestions, make sure you are not trying to “fix” your man.

3. Playing too hard to get

Men get confused when they receive mixed signals from the woman they are pursuing. They simply cannot decipher what is going on in the mind of the woman. For them when it comes to dating, it is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. So, if you like him secretly but are pretending to be uninterested, this is not something that would go down very well with him.

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