8 Tips For Growing Long Hair

8 Tips For Growing Long Hair

Are you tired of that short pixie hair cut you have? Or want to get rid of the bob cut that your mother told you to get? There could be two dilemmas that you are facing: 1. You have short hair and want to grow long tresses or 2. You have shoulder length hair but yearn for much longer waist length hair. If so, then you have come to the right place, for we are going to give you a few tips on how to grow long hair.

1. Get that trim

Have you been avoiding going to the parlor just because you want long hair and hence don’t want to cut them? Well, you’re wrong dear because the more you get your hair trimmed the better it is. Trimming helps you to get rid of those split ends and damaged hair at the end. So this will help your hair grow faster.

2. Apply olive oil

A home remedy that you could use for growing long hair would be to apply and massage your scalp and hair with some olive oil. The amount of olive oil you take will vary according to your hair volume and thickness. Leave it overnight by wrapping your head in a towel. Next morning, soak a towel into hot water and squeeze out the excessive water. Then wrap the towel around your head and hair. You should repeat this procedure a few times and then wash your hair. Do this at least once a week.

3. Rub Aloe Vera

If you want thick and long hair, then you can start rubbing the pulp of a fresh Aloe Vera leaf on your scalp and hair. Keep this on for one hour and then wash your hair. Herbal treatments are the best for growing long, thick hair.

4. Have a healthy lifestyle

Just as proteins and nutrients are essential for your body’s normal and healthy growth, they are also required to have long and thick hair. A healthy diet that is full of proteins, vitamins and nutrients is very important for you. You must drink adequate amount of water daily and also follow a regular exercise regime. If your body is healthy, then chances are your hair will also be healthy.

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