5 Things Brides Should Stop Stressing About on their Wedding Day

Things Brides Should Stop Stressing About on their Wedding Day

Weddings can turn out to be really stressful at times, and more so if it is your own! It is one of the biggest events of a person’s life, and whether one confesses it or not, we all have spent considerable amount of time planning this day. Especially for women, who have looked at several wedding dresses over the years and often thought about their own perfect dress.

If you happen to be the obsessive-compulsive person like Monica from the TV series ‘Friends’, then you must have also made a scrapbook of the kind of things you want for your wedding. But in all this jazz, one never really plans for the unexpected stress that comes along with a wedding. However, you must know that it is absolutely normal to have stress and go cold feet. Most of the times, brides are always fighting hard to make things look and feel perfect that they don’t enjoy their own ceremonies. But there is no point in doing so, because come what may, some things will be out of your control and there is nothing you can do to change the iron will of your parents, friends or relatives on a few matters. So here are a few things that brides tend to stress over the most, but must realize that it is actually pointless to do so.

1. Whether everything will fall into place as per the plan

A lot of time and mind goes behind planning an event like your own wedding. You want the best of things for yourself. You endlessly research and fret over planning for the big day. Often, in all this madness, some brides stop having the fun that comes along with it. One needs to realize that they get married only once (in most cases!). So stressing over whether things will fall into place on your wedding day doesn’t make sense, because you have this opportunity of being happy and living in the moment only once. It is your day. You need to enjoy and cherish every moment, and for that you need to let lose. You need to stop caring about every minute detail. After all, the most beautiful bride is the one who looks the happiest!

2. Stress over the money being spent on the wedding

Now, weddings can be an expensive affair, but there is no point stressing over it on your wedding day. However, these are things that need to be planned in advance. Once you have chosen to spend the kind of money that you do, then the only way to make up for the expenditure is to enjoy every little luxury that comes with it. Being stressed about it is in no way helping you make the most of it.

3. Feeling cold feet

The biggest problem even on your wedding day is that you get moments of fear, when you are not sure whether what you are getting into is the right thing for you or not. Let us accept it, marriage is a big deal and the commitment can be extremely intimidating. However, one needs to understand that since such a big deal is made out of the wedding day, marriage seems scarier than it actually is. So when in a situation like this, you should constantly remind yourself that you are getting married to a person you have cherished all this while. You need to think about all the happy moments you have had with your lover, and how there are going to be many more once you grow old with that very person. Look at the bigger picture, the wedding ceremony would just be a cakewalk!

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