5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas You Can Use For Your Wedding

5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas You Can Use For Your Wedding

“Hey, did you hear, the groom and his friends are off to a road trip to Spain for their bachelor party celebrations? What are we going to do girls?”, asked Annie, excited as hell. “Don’t worry, Annie. We’re going to host an equally rocking bridal shower for Ronnie”, yelled Camilla. All her friends cheered after her. Annie and Camilla were planning a traditional secret bridal shower for their best friend and bride-to-be, Ronnie.

Are you too searching for bridal shower ideas for your own pre-wedding party? Let’s see what Camilla and Annie did. Maybe you can get a few ideas from them.

1. A day out at a spa retreat

Annie: “We need a theme, Camilla. If the boys are going for a road trip, maybe we can go for a spa holiday at a luxurious beach resort?

Camilla: “That’s a great idea Annie. We’ll all soak our feet in warm waters of the beach on one hand, while we are getting aroma massages! Let’s look for some great options on the Internet today. We’ll need to book in advance for so many women descending at that place together, isn’t it?” They both laughed.

Annie: “And imagine the kind of fun it will be to share gossip about the groom and his friends, what to wear to the wedding, the guest list and so much more.”

2. A night out at the bar

Camilla: “I have another great bridal shower idea. How about booking the Punch Bar down the street for a whole night? All of us can take over the bar, make our own cocktails and spin our own music. We’ll dance the night away.”

Annie: “Oh! That’s a super bridal shower idea. And you know what? It will also be a great ice breaker between us and the invited lady guests from the groom’s side, isn’t it?”

3. A candy bridal shower idea

Camilla: “I have another great bridal shower idea for Ronnie. We know how much she loves candies and everything pink, right? We can have the bridal shower at my place, do up the whole house in pink decorations and hire our local candy maker to come and stock the whole house with pretty looking candies. What do you say?”

Annie: “Wow, that’s a brilliant bridal shower idea. I’m sure no one has done this before. We can even ask the guests to bring candy related gifts. In every bridal shower invite that goes out, we get custom made candies with Ronnie and her husband’s name engraved on the candy bar. Why didn’t we have such a great bridal shower idea before!”

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