8 Tips for Planning a Low Budget Wedding

8 Tips for Planning a Low Budget Wedding

The wedding day is perhaps the single most important occasion in a man and woman’s life. Despite the way their life progresses, this day is always awaited with innocent and deep love. Therefore, the need to make it memorable is inherent. However, budget is often a constraint and if you want to make your wedding day beautiful despite a low budget, consider the following tips.

1. Evaluate your financial position

First and foremost, sit with your fiancé and understand your finances before you set on the path of planning for different items and occasions. Always set aside a small fund for an emergency. This will help you streamline your process and prevent you from going overboard whenever there is a temptation.

2. Prioritize expenditure

Create a list of things to do and things to buy so that you can prioritize on things that are important and others that can wait. You might want to allocate a bigger budget for your dress or a photographer and may not want to do the same with the venue or even vice versa. So whatever your priority is, plan ahead.

3. Keep the guest list short

The second thing to consider is your guest list. While there may be suggestions from all corners to invite all and sundry, fight the temptation and keep the guest list short. Big list means a bigger venue and more food. These will eat up your budget. Therefore, invite only close friends and family.

4. Plan an off-season wedding

Off-season weddings help you get a better deal when it comes to booking a venue or other needs such as flowers, cake, food and the works. Weddings in fall or winter are relatively cheaper than spring or summer weddings. Also, planning it on a workday will again cut down your costs. The saved expenses can be directed to something that you have been fancying for long.

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