Is Money More Important Than Health?

Is Money More Important Than Health?

This question is definitely not like the chicken or egg question. Although both are inevitable and necessary for life to progress, there is a certain specific weightage for each in everyone’s life. Interestingly, the value of both, is many times, not understood by people and they get abused drastically.

The phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ may sound cliched but holds the most important position in everyone’s life. Answering one simple question will give you the best answer to the question what is more important, health or money. Can health buy money or money buy health? The former is most certainly true and the latter is seldom. While it can be argued that using a lot of money to buy the best of foods or using the best of fitness equipment can get you good health, it is not a completely true statement.

Good health is a combination of healthy genetics that take life and grow with us as well as our lifestyle habits including good eating and living habits. The society is filled with several distractions, harmful lifestyle and sedentary working habits, insomnia, senseless dietary activities and a whole lot of other evils that wreck havoc and interfere with our otherwise good health. A very few percentage of the global population realize these miscreants and stay aware to remain healthy and fit.

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