9 Tips to Feel Confident About Getting Intimate Again

9 Tips to Feel Confident About Getting Intimate Again

Sometimes a couple lose the chemistry which bounded them together. This can happen because of hectic lifestyles or various other reasons. One of the most common reasons behind this is a relationship getting older. As a couple’s relationship gets older, the romantic spark vanishes. This can make the partners feel unwanted and even depressed. If you too are stuck in a similar situation then you can check out the following ideas to ignite the passion once again.

1. Get your confidence back

Look and feel good in order to get your lost confidence back. This is the first and the most important step. Go to a beauty salon, get a makeover and give a pleasant surprise to your partner. If you don’t want to change your whole look, then you can simply get a nice haircut. Pamper yourself in a spa more often and fall in love with yourself once again. All this will make you glow, which ultimately let your partner notice the positive changes in you and result in intimate times.

2. Talk about your feelings

Communication can really help you bond with your partner. Take out time and talk to him about his day. Tell him what you did all day, and the number of times you missed him. Remember, it is important to spend quality time with your partner. Too much time with less quality won’t be able to help you if it lacks communication or sharing of feelings. You can tell him that you miss that spark. This may bring his attention to your feelings and afterwards, he may share his feelings with you. Make sure that you both take out some time every day to speak about things other than work, expenses, kids and household chores.

3. Get professional help

If all this doesn’t work then get professional help for your relationship. You can contact a marriage counselor who can help you rejuvenate your relationship. Counseling can sometimes help you identify the problems of your relationship. A counselor can provide you a solution with the help of which you can get intimate with your partner again.

4. Feel young

A lot of people lose the spark from their love life because of their mindset. They think that they are growing old and that’s why they can no more get into an intimate relationship. Change your mindset if you too think in the same way. Love is a mind game and you need to convince your mind that you are never too old to make love to your life partner. Changing the attitude and feeling young also includes changing some habits. Go for trekking or fishing often. Go to romantic beaches and spend time there instead of staying at home on weekends.

5. Stay active and healthy

Go for jogging every morning or join a Gym to stay fit. Take up the hobbies that you used to love doing in your younger years. You can also ask your partner to join you in the Gym. This will help you spend more time with him.

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