5 Steps to Deal With a Lying Boyfriend

5 Steps to Deal With a Lying Boyfriend

Lying boyfriends are neither rare nor a thing of the past and certainly not an extinct species. Many a times you must have heard stories about boyfriends who lie to their better halves, from your friends and acquaintances. It can happen to any girl as no boy comes with a guarantee of being honest and loyal. If you happen to discover your boyfriend is a lying scum here is how you can deal with him.

1. Do not deny the fact

First and foremost do not find excuses and reasons to cover up his lies only in the hope of protecting the relationship. If he gives you insufficient details, always makes excuses, fumbles when you ask him questions about his whereabouts, bumps into you when he claims to have important biz elsewhere, calls the presence of other girls as a mere coincidence etc., then he is definitely lying to you.

2. Keep a practical approach

If you are certain that he is lying to you off late or for that matter ever since you met him there is no point just waiting for him to come and tell you the truth. Just confront him and tell him you are aware about his misdoings. Don’t get emotional, instead present him all the facts. This way he will not be able to deny.

3. Be ready to dump him

When you approach him he might lie further to cover up his previous lies. He will pass statements like, “I was going to tell you baby, It was a surprise for you, I knew you would not understand etc.” Do not fall for these as these are in most cases just get away statements. He has no intentions of changing. You are better off ending the relation rather than living a lie.

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