6 Tips for Raising Twins

6 Tips for Raising Twins

As much as the thought of having two bundles of joy is exciting, it can be a difficult task too. Twins are likely to demand more of your time and effort on a daily basis as compared to a single child. Here are a few tips on raising twins with relative ease.

1. Make your twins eat, sleep and bathe together

When your twins are infants, put them in the habit of eating, sleeping and bathing together. If you don’t set them in this routine and make them do things do separately, you will spend your whole day just looking after them. When you are raising twins, you should optimize your time by getting them to do things together.

2. Don’t expect your twins to behave the same way

Whether your twins are identical or not, don’t expect them to behave in the same way, otherwise you will be thoroughly disappointed. You can get them to do things together but that doesn’t mean that you start expecting them to behave in the same way too. Your twins are two different people so they will cry at different times, want to play separately and fall sick at different times too. By making yourself understand that your twins are two different people with varying needs, you will get less frazzled when your twins demand things from you at separate times.

3. Give both of them equal attention

When you are raising twins, you will have to divide your care and affection for both your babies equally. Kids can instantly sense if their parents are showing more love to their sibling and not to them. For example, if one of your twins tends to fall sick often and demands more attention, make sure that you make up lost time with your other infant as well.

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