7 Ways To Properly Shape Your Eyebrows

7 Ways To Properly Shape Your Eyebrows

The way you shape your eyebrows can overall impact the look of your face. Eyebrows should always be shaped according to your face or your features. Do you shape your eyebrows the way you should? Listed are some ways to properly shape your eyebrows. Read on to know more.

1. Know about your shape

To start with, it is important to know about your shape. Know about the right thickness of your brows. According to your face, choose the correct arch and shape. If you have a round face, then keep a round arch. If you have a thin face, then keep a leveled arch. And with a normal face, keep the same length of the arch.

2. Choose the right way

You must choose the right trick for that perfect shape. Well, if you are comfortable with tweeze, then you must choose the right tweezers for your eyebrows. Some women are comfortable with the thread, because it is not so time consuming as the tweezers. Another method is plucking that can be rightly done.

3. Don’t arch your eyebrows high

If you like to keep your eyebrows thin, then you must really be careful. Many times, while plucking you might remove the extra hair on top of your eyebrows. That would make your arch too high. Now a high arch will not suit any face type. That may well look unnatural for your face. So, be careful while doing so.

4. Use an eyebrow trimmer

If your eyebrow hair is not so thick, use an eyebrow trimmer for your eyebrows. You can trim your eyebrows from the upper corner of your eyes. Also, trim the soft hair on the inner side of the eyebrows. An eyebrow trimmer can also be used for that perfect eyebrow shape. Use it according to your need.

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