6 Steps for Dealing With Unrequited Love

6 Steps for Dealing With Unrequited Love

Dealing with unrequited love can be tough because it hurts when the person you love does not love you back. If you have loved someone who hasn’t reciprocated the same feelings for you, here are a few ways in which you should deal with the pain.

1. Go separate ways

The worst thing you can do after being rejected by the guy you love is to become a stalker. If you get angry about why he doesn’t love you back, you will start obsessing about it. You will have the urge to ask that guy out again and again. And this will not only frustrate you but also your crush. It can also permanently burn bridges between you two because of which you may not even be able to remain friends with him. Go separate ways after he tells you that he is not romantically inclined towards you. This will give you the opportunity to at least remain friends with him.

2. Don’t follow your crush’s activity online

You will invite trouble if you start following you crush’s activity online even after he makes it clear that he doesn’t have feelings for you. The more you try to get involved in his life, the deeper you will get sucked into an emotional whirlpool. For example, if you come to know that he is seeing someone else through his Facebook, you will start feeling jealous of that girl. Avoid getting into such a mess by not following your crush’s activities online.

3. Take drastic steps in keeping yourself busy

When you face rejection from the person you love, you are likely to feel that your world has been crushed. If you don’t handle yourself properly during this time, you can also slip into depression. Take charge of your life and involve yourself in things that will keep you continuously busy. Plan a few months in a way that you have your hands full with work, studies, recreation or hobbies. This is an important step in dealing with unrequited love because staying unoccupied even for a few minutes can take you back to the thoughts of the guy you love.

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