6 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for a Breakup

6 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for a Breakup

Breakups are extremely painful and can take a huge toll on you both emotionally and physically. Breakups are hardly sudden or are done on the spur of the moment, although there might be a few exceptions. Normally, there are signs that your relationship is on the rocks and an imminent end is near. Although it sounds clinical, it is better to prepare yourself for the breakup, knowing what to expect. Although it does not completely erase the pain, it does help you to take it in your stride and not react badly. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for a breakup, no matter who is the one to initiate it.

1. Know that it hurts

Even if the breakup is mutual, it hurts to let go. To not have the same level of intimacy with the person whom you have shared everything is not an easy thing to digest. So prepare yourself to live with some pain.

2. Be sure

Before you decide to breakup, ask yourself a million times if your decision to breakup is right. Do not make hasty decisions, and don’t decide to breakup when you are angry.

3. Prepare yourself to face the consequences

Think through thoroughly about things you might lose. Apart from losing him, you might lose a few friends, contact with his family and material things if you had bought things together.

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