How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

Understanding a fellow human being is extremely hard. One of the reasons is because it is equally hard for us to understand ourselves – all thanks to the wonderful, the amazing, the oh-so-complex mind of ours that all of us think we have in our control, but deep down, we know we are half in the driver’s seat, and half on the passenger side.

Couple that with the rushing life we all lead, and the kind of self-centeredness that has seeped in our society. The result of this is a lot of negativity, all around. This, in turn, leads us to be constantly exposed to negative thoughts 24×7, a lot of which are unwanted. If not dealt with properly, it leads to extreme stress, fatigue, and a feeling like you are trapped in a constant battle.

The first step to deal with such thoughts is recognizing, and acknowledging your own mind, the way it functions, the way it perceives and processes. Once you know your mind, you know the roots of such thoughts, and would know how to avoid them.

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