8 Great Tips for Good Health

8 Great Tips for Good Health

‘Health is wealth’ and it is the only wealth a person can achieve without much efforts but a person without good health is bound to face problems. A person with lesser money can be happy but a person without good health can’t ever be happy. Health and fitness are issues of major concern nowadays. Simple fitness exercises can help to have a healthy and fit body. Good health can be achieved by following these guidelines.

1. A person should drink plenty of water because water keeps our skin shining and makes our mind work properly.

2. A person should spend some of her time in the sun because the body gets vitamin D from sunlight.

3. Fresh food and green vegetables are very beneficial for us because they give us many vitamins and make our body fit and fine. You should eat food which is low in calories and higher in nutrition.

4. A person should not smoke if he/she wants good health because smoking deteriorates a person’s health. Smokers have four times higher risk of heart disease and twice the risk of stroke. Excessive drinking can also harm the health of a person.

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