5 Tips for Packing Your Travel Beauty Kit

5 Tips for Packing Your Travel Beauty Kit

Heading for a short trip or a long vacation? Your clothes are all packed, how about your beauty kit? Women generally find it difficult on deciding what to pack and what not or even how to carry cosmetic items while traveling. For those who use less beauty products, it becomes much easier compared to those who consider it as indispensable. Nevertheless, there is always a way out. Check out these tips for packing your travel beauty kit wisely and stay gorgeous wherever you go.

1. Sort your beauty goods

Before you pack your beauty goods, categorize it. Makeup items, toiletries, hair accessories, medicines, everything should be well sorted out first. Use plastic bags to put all liquid items to prevent spillage. Carrying compact powders can be slightly risky as there are high chances of cracks or breaks. So stuff them in bubble wraps or in sponge bags. You can also pack it with multiple layers of tissue papers to save it from breakage when traveling. Makeup brushes can also be carried in separate plastic bags to prevent damage. Cosmetics can be carried in your hand bag and remember to protect them by cushioning it with washables like socks or towels.

2. Travel light

Traveling light is much relaxing and gives you much peace from the fear of any damages to your makeup products. Carry multi-purpose beauty products while traveling. Take along a cream that can function as a sunscreen, primer and foundation. Carry lip gloss and a lip color which you use normally or a multi-color palette. Avoid those heavy bottles of shampoos, creams or perfumes and carry them in small bottles. A roll-on perfume can be enough for a short trip. Packing light will help you travel easily, especially if you are a frequent flyer.

3. Be destination specific

Carry your beauty kit according to the purpose of your travel. If you are traveling for business or other official engagement, or for a short or long term vacation, maybe even a beach vacation, carry beauty items that are suitable for the occasion and weather of the place.

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