5 Signs of Sexual Tension Between a Guy and a Girl

5 Signs of Sexual Tension Between a Guy and a Girl

Unlike other forms of stress, sexual tension is a greatly satisfying and pleasing experience. It is a kind of a sexual simulation. You anticipate and fantasize about your partner with hints and signals and want to know what it will be like when you are together. Anything can get you excited and flame your sexual instinct- close proximity, hand shake, fragrance and even the way he looks at you. If you want to understand and analyze what happens during this kind of feeling, here are 5 signs that indicate that there is sexual tension between a guy and a girl.

1. Deliberate attempt to sit apart

You know that you are very good friends and don’t want to jeopardize that but there is a kind of a spark and magnetic pull which you both are aware of; to prevent anything from happening, you make a conscious effort to sit very far away. He will sit on the bed and will prefer you sit on the chair so that there is no reaching out.

2. He likes to smell your hair

In most cases, women are shorter than men and when you are greeting each other or saying good bye, hugging is a very normal practice. He gets that lovely, fragrance from your hair. He probably has goose bumps and becomes a little weird after the hug and so do you.

3. Trying to teach

Whether you are trying to teach each other a sport like pool, tennis or hockey, it is quite likely that you need to hold that person at a very close proximity. You secretly look at each other’s faces from the corner of the eyes. There is a strong urge to kiss or take things further.

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