6 Healthy Substitutes for Ice Cream

6 Healthy Substitutes for Ice Cream

Ice cream is something that can make one’s mouth water, especially in the peak of summer. However, it is not healthy and may lead to unnecessary weight gain. So, we present to you a few healthier substitutes for ice cream that you can relish this summer.

1. Smoothies

Homemade smoothies are not only healthy but extremely good thirst quenchers as well. Smoothies are tasty and are packed with nutrients and vitamins. You can make a smoothie at home in just a few minutes. A blender, yogurt, some fresh fruits and fat-free milk are all you need. Of course, you can buy smoothies from stores as well.

2. Yogurt and Berry Popsicles

Popsicles never go out of fashion, and this one is certainly a different and exotic dessert that you must try out. Some Greek yogurt, sugar and berry are to be mixed and frozen. Use a stick to hold them up and lick away happily. Try different combinations to make new and unique popsicles at home.

3. Just yogurt

Frozen flavored yogurt is certainly good for your health and extremely easy to get as well. Several different flavors are available in stores and you can make them at your home, if you wish to. A small cup of frozen yogurt is healthy, nutritious and tasty.

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