4 Signs of Cervical Cancer

Signs of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer affects a lot of women around the world and since it is asymptomatic in the earlier stages, it is really difficult to diagnose and it ends up causing a lot of fatalities. Almost 90% of cervical cancer in women is caused by the HPV-human papilloma virus. This virus can be transmitted when the woman starts to have sex from an early age or has too many sexual partners without using any kind of protection. Smoking and the HIV virus-Human immune deficiency virus is also said to cause cervical cancer in women. Since not all causes of cervical cancer are known, several other factors have been implicated for the cause of cervical cancer. Using condoms may prevent the transmission to an extent but not completely as this virus transmits from skin to skin. Any contact with the exposed area can also transmit the virus. Although men carry the virus too, there is not specific test for them unlike the pap smear test that is available to women. Here are some signs of cervical cancer.

1. Vaginal bleeding

Extreme vaginal bleeding; especially in between your menstrual bleeding and bleeding after menopause can be a symptom and sign of cervical cancer. The early stages of cervical cancer however may be completely asymptomatic.

2. Contact bleeding

If you bleed on contact during the sexual intercourse or you have a heavy vaginal discharge, you could be suffering from cervical cancer. Although there are chances that this could be caused by something else and symptomatic of another problem, it is always advisable to get tested. You may also experience moderate pain while having sexual intercourse.

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