7 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You

Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You

The problem with sugar is that on the one hand, it is very appetizing and in fact, lifts our mood, but on the other, it causes all types of harm to your body and at the same time continuously makes you addicted to it helplessly. The craving for chocolates and high-in-sugar foods like pastries, doughnuts, candies and so on is more of an addiction than appetite. In recent times, it has also been said that in many ways, today sugar is what tobacco has been for the past decades. If you too think that it is unfair to call sugar bad or harmful because it is only pure delight and nothing else, think again. Research has shown that added sugar is as harmful as the plague and therefore should be avoided at all costs. Listed here are the 7 reasons why sugar is bad for you.

1. It has no essential nutrient

Sugars or more precisely, added sugars are of zero nutritional value. They do not contain any of the essential nutrients or minerals required by our bodies. Also, they are very high in calories and these calories are called empty calories because they only add up the fat content in your body.

2. It puts pressure on your liver

The content of fructose in sugar is very high. The sugar is broken down into glucose and fructose before it enters the blood stream. While glucose is a simple sugar and is also produced by the body, fructose has no physiological benefit whatsoever. But if you end up consuming excess sugar, the fructose level in your body will increase and will eventually put pressure and overload your liver and it will then be forced to convert it into fats.

3. It can cause liver diseases

Since the fructose in sugars can lead to the overloading of the liver, it is also responsible for many liver diseases, especially Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD which is a very common problem these days. NAFLD is a metabolic disease related to the over consumption of sugar.

4. It can lead to diabetes

Our bodies secrete a hormone called insulin which helps in breaking down the glucose in our blood. When you have too much sugar, eventually your cells become resistant to insulin and insulin stops functioning normally and sometimes the secretion of insulin gets severely affected. This complication leads to many diseases like diabetes.

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