6 Ways Loneliness can be Deadly Says a New Study

Ways Loneliness can be Deadly Says a New Study

Loneliness can be quite a painful experience for many. All of us feel lonely from time to time. We can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. Extreme loneliness can cause both physical and mental sickness in people. Even when you move to a new place for various reasons, you should make sure you meet new people or at least strike up a conversation with other people as it is not healthy to stay all by yourself. You tend to become paranoid and scared of the outside world when you spend too much time with yourself. Here are some ways in which loneliness can turn pretty deadly.

1. There are chances that you may become mentally unstable when you are lonely for a long time

Not to say that you would become mentally ill, but there would certainly be a difference between you and other people. Your social skills will take a hit and when you have been lonely for a long time, it becomes a deadly vortex that sucks you in and you would not be able to get out of it easily. And as much detrimental it is to your health, you would force yourself to find solace in your loneliness.

2. Loneliness can undermine your resistance and ability to bounce back from adverse situations.

Research shows and proves that married people live longer and healthier than lonely people. This is because they have a support system that helps them cope up with life’s challenges and helps develop resistance. You tend to give up easily when you are lonely and do not have someone to egg you on in life.

3. Other health concerns that come out of loneliness include increased blood pressure and heart problems

Extreme loneliness is also found to cause increased blood pressure in many and heart problems too. This happens because you do not have anyone to share your stress with and feel light and comfortable. You tend to mull over your problems all by yourself making you prone to high blood pressure.

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