4 Reasons Your Relationships are Unsuccessful

4 Reasons Your Relationships are Unsuccessful

People get into a relationship for various reasons. The reasons can be either romantic or practical. Two people can get together because they are in love, or because they succumb to wither societal, parental or peer pressure. Although all of us share some kind of relationship, be it with parents, siblings, boyfriend or a husband, not all of it is good or gives us pleasure. Not everyone can have a successful and a long lasting relationship. There are many reasons a relationship can turn sour and fail. You may be playing a big role in it and sometimes it can be because of the other person. When it becomes more like a pattern that the other person walks out on you and this happens in almost all of your relationships, it is time you started analyzing what could be wrong with you and why your relationships are unsuccessful. Here are some reasons.

1. You carry a lot of baggage

You might be carrying a lot of emotional baggage from your past relationships and may find it difficult to come out of it and see the new relationship as a completely new one. If you keep harping on to the past and always make connections with something that happened much earlier, you will never have a normal relationship. You would be living in the past instead of enjoying your present relationship and seeing it for what it is.

2. You can’t let go of your previous love

If you had been ditched and ditched in a bad way, you will find it extremely difficult to get into a new relationship and even if you do get into one, the first few ones will be just to feel the void that you are feeling. When you get into another relationship in a rebound or is just doing it to fill up a void, your relationships will be highly unsuccessful. You should get into a relationship because you are in love and not because you are trying to fill some empty space in your heart.

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