8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Video Games

There’s always a lot of talk that happens around video games and children. Many people are of the belief that video games are quite dangerous for kids, and rightly so, because some of them teach violence and foul language. But if one looks at it with an open mind, not every video game is violent, after all. There are some good video games that in fact help kids to learn academic things, such as alphabets, numbers etc.

So should you let kids play video games then? Well, looks like it won’t be that bad an idea, because they do benefit kids in some ways. Listed here are reasons why your kids should play video games every now and then.

1. It improves eye-hand coordination

It has been proven through various studies that playing video games indeed helps to improve eye-hand coordination skills, making kids better at outdoor sports and many other activities in life. In fact, it even brings more precision in day-to-day tasks.

2. It improves strategy skills

Video games teach us how to be smart and fight the opponent. They improve planning and strategy skills for us to reach the end successfully. And this makes the brain a lot sharper, making kids better at planning and strategizing in real life too.

3. It teaches teamwork

There are a lot of multi-player games where one side or team has to fight against the other. And in doing so, kids learn the concept of teamwork. They learn to work together in a coordinated and peaceful manner to fulfill the common tasks and reach the final goal.

4. It teaches persistence

Every time you play a video game, you don’t win in the first go. Sometimes you lose lives in the middle of a game, and at other times you have to start from scratch all over again, pretty much like how things are in real life. But kids keep playing, and they keep trying to win. And this is something that gets embedded in their personality as they grow up, to keep trying for things in life with persistence and dedication without losing faith and hoping for the best.

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