5 Reasons Why We Love Beyonce

5 Reasons Why We Love Beyonce

She’s super talented, inordinately stylish and fiercely determined. She’s everything and more you would want a woman to be, which is why it’s easy to see why girls adore her. But why do we? Here are the top 5 reasonswhy we are ‘crazy in love’ with Beyonce. We’re certain you will nod your head in approval as you read each one.

1. She gives power to women

Be it the single ladies dealing with heartbreak or the women who find it difficult to stand up for themselves. She empowers them with her lyrics, often, in ways more than one. She is the ultimate role model and inspiration for many women across the globe. Who run the world? Girls.

2. She justifies her ‘Queen B’ status

She’s one of the few you can call, master of all trades. Name it and she has been there, done that. Acting, check. Singing, check. Dancing, check. Being sexy, check. Beyonce gives the world ‘multi-talented’ a whole new meaning by exuding perfection.

3. She’s more than just a diva

She puts the ‘D’ in diva, but if you look beyond her glamor she’s a mother, a wife and a philanthropist. Be it her Survivor Foundation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, playing ambassador for World Humanitarian Day or her work for the ‘Chime for Change’ campaign. She has shown us at several points that she is not only a compassionate human being but also an altruist.

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