5 Simple Steps To Apply Mascara For Inviting Eyelashes

5 Simple Steps To Apply Mascara For Inviting Eyelashes

If you are fumbling to learn how to apply mascara in the most perfect way, you’re probably missing out on giving your eyes the most inviting look. A great mascara application will give your eyes volume and a sensual appeal. Learn how to apply mascara for those beautiful eyes with these 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Watch your mascara wand before you apply

Step 1 in learning how to apply mascara begins way before you apply mascara on your eyelashes. When you wriggle out that mascara wand from the bottle, make sure you carefully check how much mascara the wand is holding. Most women make the mistake of taking too much mascara from the start and then struggling to get the excess off. Don’t make that mistake, friends. Learn how to apply mascara in the most perfect manner by starting with this fundamental step. If you think you’ve got too much, brush it off on the edge of your mascara bottle.

Step 2: Start from the roots of your eyelashes

We asked Pam, the mascara expert at our local salon, “Pam, what is the most critical advice in applying mascara perfectly?” “The perfect mascara application begins at the root of your eyelashes. If you start halfway or at the tips or your eyelashes, it will result in uneven application” said Pam.

Step 3: Tug the mascara wand and move in a zigzag motion

Once you’ve placed the mascara wand on the roots of your eyelashes, tug the mascara wand in an upwards motion. That’s not all, girlies. Make sure that you wriggle the mascara wand or move it in a zigzag motion while you sweep across your eyelashes. This will ensure that your eyelashes are separated. This movement may be difficult at first, but it is vital in learning how to apply mascara. Practice it again and again till you get that flawless movement.

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