9 Things You should Avoid Doing on Your First Date

9 Things You should Avoid Doing on Your First Date

That guy, leaning gracefully against the bar, with an impeccable taste in clothes and the charisma of a royal, is your date tonight? That might sound bewitching now, but please ladies, get a grip on yourselves! You’ll probably send him dashing out the door if you literally spell out what you’re feeling right now. To help you get through your first date with poise and elegance, a few smart ways have been listed below. Do follow this list of things you should avoid doing on your first date.

1. Don’t reveal your innermost secrets

Baring all on your first date itself will not go in your favor. In fact, it’ll just make your date uncomfortable. Giving words to your deepest feelings and being all ‘honest’ will make you vulnerable and you won’t be able to think smartly and rationally.

2. Don’t compare him with your ex

Never strike out those mental boxes for characteristics associated with your ex when you are on a date with a new guy. Also, trashing your ex in front of this man will just reflect badly on you. Don’t force him to think that you are a woman who does not have the strength to take responsibility for the failure of past relationships.

3. Don’t forget to mention that you’re a single mom

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in being a single parent. But, hiding it will only ruin a beautiful, blossoming relationship. Your date has the right to know, right? So, make it a point to mention that you have kids whom you are responsible for.

4. Don’t be late for your first date

Being late for your first date (or any other date for that matter) is downright disrespectful. If you are stuck someplace, call and inform well in advance. Don’t cancel your date at the last minute. After all, everyone’s time is valuable!

5. Don’t even think of sex

Honestly ladies, don’t even bring up the subject of sex. Not only will it portray you as too eager and willing, it will divert your date’s mind on the sole topic( he’s a man!). Keep the sex talk for much later in your relationship.

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