5 Reasons Why Facebook May be Losing Popularity Among Teens

5 Reasons Why Facebook May be Losing Popularity Among Teens

When Facebook was first brought into the internet world, it created nothing short of a revolution. Similar apps before that almost disappeared and people took to Facebook like a fish to water. The reason Facebook became so popular was its ease of use and also the fact that people of all age groups took to it to find family, old friends and also to make new friends. It was also an app where they could post pictures, videos and also constantly keep updating status messages. But recent findings and a study by Facebook itself has proven that Facebook may be losing its popularity among teens. Here are some reasons as to why Facebook may be losing its popularity among its teenage users.

1. They have taken to using other apps

There are other serious competitors to Facebook such as Instagram, Twitter, snapchat and more. Teenagers are quite fickle and it is only natural that they have shifted to and started using other apps and not Facebook alone.

2. Teenagers get bored easily

If there is one thing that is constant and same with all teenagers is that they get bored very easily. It is hard to keep them focused on the same thing. And they always like to experiment and explore and unless an app comes up with a new thing every single day, they are quick to change their loyalties. Facebook has also fallen victim to this attitude of teenagers.

3. Many schools have banned Facebook usage in their campus internet

Many schools have also banned the use of Facebook in their internet. This means that the teens who spend a lot of time in the campus do not have access. They switch to other apps that they can use and that have not been banned.

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