5 Reasons Why The Newsroom is a Great Series to Watch

5 Reasons Why The Newsroom is a Great Series to Watch

‘The Newsroom’ is one of those popular series that became a hit with the audiences almost instantaneously. It has a certain gripping quality to itself that engages people from various strata of the society and keeps them hooked to the show. It has great actors that have a captivating presence on screen, but it would also not be wrong to say that ‘The Newsroom’ truly has it’s direction and writing as the sole hero. Here are some reasons why you should definitely not miss this show

1. For the strong female characters

All good shows have great characters, but ‘The Newsroom’ goes a step forward in developing some really strong women characters, which very wonderfully reflect and portray the challenges and fears faced by modern women. Of course, Emily Mortimer’s performance as ‘MacKenzie McHale’ shines a lot, but even other characters are brilliantly worked on.

2. For the great content

‘The Newsroom’ brings so much variety in the subjects and themes covered by it in each of the episodes, that it truly feels like an actual news show sometimes, trying to be at the number one spot with unique and interesting stories that have a different dimension or a new perspective attached to them. Right from the first episode, there are such issues covered in the show that make you feel really connected to the show and the society at large. It truly somehow manages to be a ‘people’s show’.

3. For showing the real face of journalism

The show clearly tells us how morality faces a new battle everyday inside offices of news channels where they must choose between what is correct and true, and what sells. It is truly a reflection of what happens in most creative workspaces, and the kind of hopes and aspirations people have with such organizations. You also realize how hard getting the news on the table can be sometimes.

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