How To Decline A Proposal From A Coworker?

How To Decline A Proposal From A Coworker?

Many of us find ourselves in embarrassing situations that are hard to get out of without being laughed at. And in other instances, we could be the reason why someone else is laughed at. It really is not a good feeling and is better avoided. If your coworker has just proposed to you out of the blue, and you want to refuse, there is really no easy way to accomplish that. However, here are some ways to minimize the damage caused to you and the proposer!

1. Recognize the hints

Men are not good at hiding their feelings. If a coworker has a crush on you, there definitely would be subtle hints in his behavior. He could offer to walk you to your car at the end of the day, or ask you for an opinion on his new shirt. You just need to listen to your instincts in such cases and prepare yourself.

2. What to do when you know?

So, you have a doubt that a coworker has a crush on you and will probably confess his undying love for you, what do you do then? It is very important not to jump to conclusions in such cases. Even if you know for sure that this is going to happen, do not mention it to the person in question or, to anyone for that matter.

However, you can give subtle hints of how you really are not the kind of person looking for a relationship right now, or how you are not in that “place” in life yet, or on similar lines, to the coworker. These comments would definitely discourage your coworker from taking the ultimate step.

3. Do not cause a scene

If you fail to prevent the incident, it is best to handle it with dignity and calmness once it occurs. Being proposed is certainly flattering because of the simple fact that some person thinks you deserve to be loved. However, if you cannot reciprocate the feelings, explaining it serenely to the person is the least you can do.

It is very important that you part ways on cordial terms, as you will be facing that person in your office everyday. There is no point in ending it on a sour note. Even though you cannot be responsible for how the other person takes it, you can do your best and save both of you from discomfort.

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