6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Men

Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Men

Man is the wildest beast existing on our planet. Men are capable of actions and emotions that are fearful and almost impossible to fathom. Sometimes they can be so deceitful and sly that you feel why are they even called beasts when beasts are so tame in comparison? Here are 6 reasons that make you wonder why dogs are better than men.

1. They are loyal

With men you feel insecure, there is a deep fear that they will abandon you, turn to someone else or worse, stab you in the back. There is a lack of trust and faith that their behavior creates in you. However, dogs on the other hand are always loyal to you. No matter what, they will never leave your side.

2. They always protect you

Dogs always protect you; they are alert, they will watch if you are in any kind of danger, give warnings and signals and even if they have to put their own lives at risk, they will do it. But men only display heroism and don’t live up to it. Sometimes they are not even around when they are needed and claim to be the protectors.

3. They show their affection

Men sometimes feel it’s very “manly” to conceal their emotions, not share and try to be a tough guy. Even feelings towards you are hidden. They don’t go on one knee to show that they care. Dogs shower affection through their bark, their licking, their pouncing on you the moment you enter. They also respond very well to affection given to them.

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