7 Dressing Tips to Make You Look Thinner

7 Dressing Tips to Make You Look Thinner

Have you put on some weight recently? Do you want to hide your flab without sweating it out in the gym? If you dress in a certain way and use certain accessories, you can look thin without actually working out. Here are a few ways you can fool other people and look thinner than what you really are.

1. Wear pointy shoes

Did you know that your feet play an important role in making you look thin? If you wear pointy heels, your feet will appear long. This extra inch of length in your feet can add to the illusion of looking thin. You can also wear open toed shoes or stilettos with sky high heels. Wear pointy shoes especially when you are wearing a dress that finishes above or below your knees.

2. Wear black colored outfits

In the world of fashion, it is commonly known that black is a color which can make any woman appear thinner than what she actually is. If you want to create the illusion of looking slim, wear a black dress, team up black separates or wear an outfit in which the dominant color scheme is black. If you want to have an option to black, chose dark colored outfits but never opt for pastel colors.

3. Wear outfits with vertical stripes

Outfits with stripes or linear patterns should be selected very carefully if you are looking to appear thin. Vertical stripes or patterns will create the illusion of length on your body. And more length will make you appear taller and therefore thinner. You can even chose outfits with long zippers or a long line of buttons. All these patterns will create the illusion of length.

4. Wear empire line dresses or tops

Empire line dresses have seams at the bust line which divide the outfit into two portions. The portion above the bust line becomes smaller than the portion below it. This adds continuous length beneath the bust line. The flowing silhouette of the empire line dress below the bust line will help you to hide your love handles and paunches, making you look thinner.

5. Don’t wear skin tight clothes

Skin tight clothes are not appropriate for you if you want to hide the flab on your body. They will draw attention to those areas of your body that are not proportionate. For example, wearing skin tight denims even if hips are your problem area, will draw more attention there. Similarly, wearing tight tops even if you have love handles will bring more attention to your bulging waistline.

6. Use shape wear

Shape wear for women is meant to be worn underneath outfits to appear thinner. If you want to keep the flab on your waist from wobbling every time you walk or your thighs to stay firm every time you move, opt for shape wear. It will help you to streamline your body and feel more confident about yourself. Wearing shape wear will also allow you to wear clothes that flatter a slimmer body type.

7. Don’t wear excessively high necklines

Turtle necks or other excessively high necklines should be avoided by women who are chubbier than average. High necklines smother the length of your neck and can visually make you look fatter. It is important to give your neck some definition to appear thin. Populate your closet with v-necks, cowl necks, boat necks or other necklines than are below your collar bone.

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