6 Lessons We Can Learn from Arrested Development

6 Lessons We Can Learn from Arrested Development

A funny comic series we watched and can learn a lot from. That’s arrested development for you. It is original, hilariously funny and springs out with surprises in each episode. The family’s fall from wealth to despondency although portrayed in a uproarious manner teaches us some very important life lessons and a lot of advice on financial management.

1. Find something to laugh at even at the saddest of situations

Laughter is the best medicine. Whatever life throws at you be it a huge financial crisis or a very painful breakup, try and find the humor in it. Laughter not only helps you tide over the crisis but also helps you keep your sanity intact.

2. Trust a Bank or invest wisely

We wouldn’t want to hide our cash someplace and want it to get burnt or washed away do we? It is always wise to invest properly and ensure we are set for in our old age. The idea is sometimes good though. It always helps to have disposable cash in hand.

3. If you make a mistake and know it, get a good counsel

When you know you have bungled up and are in serious trouble, be ready to hire and pay generously for a good lawyer. Scrimp on the lawyer’s fee and you would be behind bars for a long time.

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