9 Signs You Don’t Want Him Anymore

9 Signs You Don't Want Him Anymore

Nothing is everlasting, no matter how much we pretend it to be, and relationships are no exception. So, how are you to know that you don’t want him anymore? Well, here are some signs.

1. You don’t miss him anymore

Remember the time not so long ago when even a moment without him seemed like ages? And look at you now happily chomping that burger although it has been a week since you saw him last.

2. You prefer to be alone

If you have started preferring your own company to his, there is definitely something amiss with your relationship. It might indicate your fading interest in him.

3. You don’t find his jokes funny

When you are heads over heels in love, even the most stupid of stuff the other person says seems hilarious. But, fast forward to the point, when you don’t dig him that much anymore and you are amazed how you survived this insanely unfunny person for so long.

4. You can’t overlook his mistakes

We tend to overlook minor shortcomings in our partner when we are in love, and even find quite a few of them cute. But when things start to go downhill, even the slightest of mistake on the other’s part sends our blood boiling.

5. You keep checking out other guys

Of course it is but natural that you will be attracted to the opposite sex, and turn your head when a handsome guy walks by. But if you spend most of your time yearning for the guy next door or checking out the man in the bar, it is obvious you are over your boyfriend.

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