7 Reasons Why Marriage is Sacred

7 Reasons Why Marriage is Sacred

Marriage in the sacred context is not just an alliance of two bodies but of souls. It’s a bond that two people share; they promise to fulfill their vows in a sacred environment. Here are 7 reasons why marriage is sacred.

1. It’s a holy ceremony

Marriage is regarded as a holy ceremony as the man and the woman involved in the alliance celebrate their love and are bound by a pact. The fact that it is called an alliance or a ceremony shows that it is sacred.

2. There are witnesses involved in a marriage

All marriages involve a witness as the to-be couple express their vows to each other and promise to keep each other happy. As marriage is a commitment that you make before God, there are witnesses involved.

3. It ordains sexual alliance

In many religions, premarital sex is considered to be a sin. Any kind of sexual alliance needs the license of marriage, as it also translates as physical alliance between two people. Hence, a marriage ensures that you are sexually committed to only the person you are married to.

4. A marriage is officiated by a minister or a priest

As marriage is considered a social and holy alliance; it needs to be conducted by an ordained minister or priest accepted by the norms of society. A priest or a minister is also the one who corresponds with God.

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