5 Reasons Why Antibiotics Usage Should be Avoided as Much as Possible

Reasons Why Antibiotics Usage Should be Avoided as Much as Possible

Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and this is the most important fact that many people forget while taking antibiotics. Antibiotics are not effective against and do not fight infections caused by viruses. Colds, most sore throats, bronchitis, and some ear infections cannot be cured by antibiotics. The best option to get rid of these common infections is to take lots of fluids and get enough rest. Do not ask your physician for antibiotics when it is not prescribed. Antibiotics are not used to cure infections but to ease the symptoms. Antibiotics should not be taken without prescription and always consult a doctor before you buy some over the counter or use antibiotics prescribed to someone else. Here are the reasons as to why antibiotics usage should be avoided as much as possible.

1. They are really not effective against viral infections

Antibiotics work only against bacterial infections and therefore are useless when it comes to viral infections. Taking antibiotics without knowing the cause for the infections will only make the problem worse and you will not find a cure.

2. Antibiotic resistance

When you take antibiotics for stuff that it does not work on, you end up creating a resistance in your body and your body no longer reacts to the antibodies when there is an actual bacterial infection. Antibiotic resistance is actually causing more public health worries than many other diseases.

3. Misuse increases the number of drug resistant germs

Too much use of antibiotics has also lead to the increase in the number of drug resistant germs and this puts a heavy load on the pharmaceutical industry to come up with newer versions of the drug.

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