5 Reasons to be Thankful at All Times

Reasons to be Thankful at All Times

You should be thankful at all times because it makes you happier. Saying thanks for something is not overrated. When your parents taught you to say “Thank you” whenever someone did something for you, wished you or gave you a gift, they unknowingly gave the most important lesson in life that would determine what kind of a life you would live. Being grateful for the blessings you have and saying ‘Thanks’ more often creates an aura of positive energy around you which no negative thing can penetrate. It brings all that you want in life closer to you and paves way for unlimited happiness, if and only if you do not take them for granted. If you wonder why you should be thankful at all when life is so miserable, listed here are the top 5 reasons to be thankful at all times, thereby making life beautiful and happier.

1. For a healthy body and mind

When you are thankful, you get rid of all negative emotions – anger, frustration, anxiety, worry and anything that makes you feel miserable. By employing proper focus and determination and using deep breathing and meditation techniques, this can be achieved and is beneficial in the long run. Also, thankfulness will relieve your body of stress and soreness, and make you feel comfortable in your body as well as in your mind. You will begin to have a sense of freedom, and happiness will be limitless.

2. Because you have only one life to live

You have been given only one life to live and it is the present that you really live in. The past and the future are all in your mind, and your worries, anxieties, frustrations and every negative emotion which stem from your past and present are in fact, inconsequential and are not letting you live life to its fullest.

3. Because problems will not last, you will

Your problems rarely outlive you, so why worry about them at all? And if they do, what is the point of worrying about them anyway if you can make no difference? Remember that the problems that bother you are short-lived and you will eventually outgrow them and will discover new problems to worry about. It is a never ending cycle we trap ourselves into. So, isn’t it better to be thankful for all the good things in life and be happy about them instead?

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