6 Signs You Are Not A Good Mother

6 Signs You Are Not A Good Mother

There are times when we feel we are doing everything right, but ultimately end up being on the wrong side. Well, for those mothers who are not sure about their mothering skills and want to find out whether they are being a good mother or not, here are some tell-tale signs for you.

1. Not enough freedom

As a mother, you need to give your kids freedom to be on their own and take their own decisions. It is important not to force your wishes and desires on your kids. You may not always agree what your kids want, but do not dismiss their wishes or thoughts simply because they are different from yours.

2. Too much freedom

On the other hand, giving too much freedom to your kids may also spoil them. It is important to take decisions into your hands from time to time. When you do not agree with what your kids want, you must explain why in simple terms. And when you believe that they have taken a good and informed decision, appreciate them.

3. Independence

Don’t be around them to answer their every need. Let them learn to do things for themselves from time to time. It is important to rear independent kids from a very young age itself. At the same time not teaching kids as to what is wrong and what is right may also land them in deep trouble. So be there to guide and teach, but don’t make them too much dependent on you.

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