Top 4 Benefits Of Cold Showers

Top 4 Benefits Of Cold Showers

Ancient Samurai warriors would pour a bucket of cold water over themselves every morning, which they believed purified their spirit and cleansed their body. Whether it did that or not, it definitely helped them wake up! That’s essentially what you need in the morning at least, but besides that, cold showers do have many benefits. But when we say ‘cold shower’, we don’t mean dunking yourself in cold water like the Samurai warriors, but starting off with lukewarm water, and alternating it with cold water. Just ending the last few minutes with cold water also does the trick. Mentioned below are a few benefits of a cold shower.

1. Improves circulation

Warm water causes the blood to move towards your skin, while cold water reverses that by making the blood rush to your organs to keep them warm. This improves your circulation which helps flush out toxins from your body. Healthy circulation prevents hypertension, hardening of your arteries, and speeds up the recovery time from extremely strenuous exercise.

2. Keeps skin and hair healthy

You’ve always been asked to wash your face with warm water because it opens up your pores. Your pores must be cleaned thoroughly, but it is also important to close them, which cold water does. This prevents your pores from being easily clogged up by oil and dirt, which can cause pimples. It also makes your blood vessels constrict, which reduces puffiness in your face and prevents the appearance of dark circles. For your hair, it does the same thing that it does to your skin. It closes the cuticles, which keeps your scalp healthier and prevents dirt from easily accumulating on your scalp. Hot water is known to wash the natural oils off your skin, which your body compensates for, by creating more oil, which doesn’t happen always. This can cause oily or dry skin. Hence, cold shower is a better option for the same.

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