4 Tips on How Sunshine can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Tips on How Sunshine can Lower Your Blood Pressure

New research has found out that a good dose of sunshine can actually lower your blood pressure and decreases your chances of getting a heart attack and a stroke. A high blood pressure is the reason many people get a sudden heart attack and suffer from strokes and it is good news that sunlight and tanning can actually help lower it. Maybe it is time we read with caution all the other reports about the cancer causing effects of sunlight on your skin and get a good dose of it every day to keep our blood pressure in check. Who does not like a good tan anyway? If you can look good and healthy at the same time, then some sunlight should be a welcome thing. Here are some ways and tips on how sunshine lowers your blood pressure.

1. Sunshine causes nitric oxide to release from your skin

It is usually Vitamin D that we get from sunlight, but sunshine is also said to cause nitric oxide to release from the skin. This then travels to the blood vessels and relaxes them causing the blood pressure to fall.

2. Go out in the sun when it is not too hot

Although sunshine reduces your blood pressure, it si not advisable to go out in the sun when it is too hot. The best time to be out in the sun and get tanned is before 10 in the morning and after four in the afternoon. The sun rays are said to be the worst during these hours.

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