7 Reasons to be Single and Happy on Valentine’s Day

5. You do not have to doll up

You can be who you are and be completely at ease, instead of getting all dolled up and trying to look pretty for someone else. If you want to look good, you should do it to feel good about you and not because someone else can show you off.

6. There is no planning involved

You do not have to make elaborate plans on what you need to do or where you need to go on Valentine’s Day. You can just head out to the bar with your friends and enjoy the single life and have fun as usual.

7. There are no expectations and no disappointments

When you are single, you really do not expect anything from anyone and when there are no expectations, there are no disappointments as well.

Staying single is an experience that all of us have to go through in our lives. There is such happiness, freedom and abandon. Life can be about you and there is really nothing wrong in being selfish when it comes to you.

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