4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day

4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day

Although a child spends a lot of time with the mother, it also ends up loving the dad equally. The bond a child shares with the father is very different from that of the mother and is in no way any lesser. You may have fought with your dad, had problems with him being stern, rebelled against his wishes and deadlines, sometimes even wished that he were a different person. But through it all, your father would have been a steadying influence and a rock to lean on any time you needed him. Even if your father had been distant with you when you were growing up, or had been away at work for most of your growing years, you will realize that his presence was around even if he was not physically present. There are so many reasons as to why you need to show some appreciation for this precious person in your life. Here are some reasons to appreciate your dad this Father’s day.

1. He gives you unconditional love

He puts up with your antics as a kid, as a teenager and even when you have become an adult. For all the trouble you had given him and for all the sacrifices he had made for you, he only reciprocates with unconditional love. Sometimes a father loves you more than the mother or at least it looks that way as sometimes he doesn’t get overwhelmed with house work. Whatever you may not get, one thing you are sure to get is unconditional love.

2. He lends a patient ear when you go to him with your troubles

He always has a patient ear for you no matter what time of the day you call him or go to meet him. He listens to all your troubles and tries to help you as much as he possibly can. He even deals with your boyfriend troubles for you like a protective father.

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