4 Coolest Father’s Day Gifts

4 Coolest Father’s Day Gifts

A father plays a lot of roles in a child’s life. He is the first role model for any kid as the kid tries to emulate the father in a lot of ways from a young age. The father is the stern disciplinarian, the kind parent, the cool adult, the responsible second figure after the mother and a lot of other things. Along with the mother, the father too spends a lot of sleepless nights as the kids grow up. When you were a baby, he helped with the night feeds. When you were a toddler, he ran around matching up to your energy. When you hit teenage, he stayed up late waiting for you to get back home on time and when you are all grown up ready to fly the nest, he makes sure he does his best to make you happy even if he is sad to see you go. It is difficult to come up with a gift for such a guy who has given you a lot in his life but you too can do your best. Here are some suggestions for some of the coolest Father’s day gifts.

1. A sports car

Every man goes through the mid-life crisis. Your dad might have wanted to buy a sports car and would have instead paid your college fees. Pay him back for his generosity by gifting him a sports car and let him cruise around town. If you cannot afford a sports car, you can still get him a miniature model of his favorite car. If nothing, you can get his usual car cleaned and serviced. It is not the money but the gesture that would matter to him.

2. A golf kit

Even if your dad is not into golf, get him a golf kit and also a membership in the nearest club. Golf is not just about the game but also about forming a circle. He might be missing his friends and by getting him a membership and letting him play, you would be helping him find new friends and also a renewed confidence.

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