Read This Before Getting Into An Online Relationship

Read This Before Getting Into An Online Relationship

Online relationships have always been viewed in bad light. Most people predict online relationships to end up in a heart break. Optimists may say that love need not have a defined path to work out but most online relationships happen to fail in the end.

There is always a question of treachery related to online relationships. How true is this? Do online relationships mean cheating? Sadly, the answer to this may be yes. Online relationships involve a lot of treachery, cheating, lies and deception.

Let’s do a reality check for online relationships. Firstly, the platforms for online relationships are social networking sites and chat rooms. It is here that people interact with one another and gradually begin to get involved. In order to be a part of these communication platforms, one has to create a profile. In majority of the cases, people create a profile that include things which others would want to see instead of giving a clear picture of who they really are. Right from profile pictures to interests or even qualifications, people have total liberty to portray themselves as they want to. People having deceitful motives take advantage of this clause. The most disappointing part is that there is absolutely no way to check or verify the details that they have mentioned.

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