10 Types of Women Who Scare Men

‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’. Although it sounds like a cliché, the fact is that men think on totally different lines when it comes to choosing their life partner. Some women, on the other hand, try to portray themselves in such a way before men, that instead of impressing them, they tend to push them miles away. Enlisted below are 10 types of women from whom men run away.

1. The Bimbo

We’re talking about the lady who is beauty without brains. She’s nothing more than a pretty face and a pretty body. She is the woman with whom a man cannot expect to have an intellectual conversation. She will misinterpret everything he says and come up with her own conclusions. Although, men are tempted by beauty, if they don’t find their partner capable of intellectual conversations, they immediately throw her out of their mind.

2. The Mean Bitch

She finds faults in everyone. She enjoys belittling others. Her pastime is making others’ life miserable. She is selfish and thinks no end of herself. If she is a mean bitch to everyone around her, how can a man be sure that she’s not playing around with him as well? Hence, he’d think it’s better to stay away from her.

3. The Complaint Box

She has a problem with everything. No matter what her man does for her, it will never be enough. She will nag her man from dawn to dusk and make his life more miserable by each day. Men hate such women who are a constant worry.

4. The Crybaby

She will resort to tears all the time to get her way. Getting emotional, sometimes, is fine, but we are talking about a girl who uses her tears as a weapon all the time to prove her point. Men hate emotional blackmail. Dating a cry baby will just make a man feel like banging his head on the wall. Instead of doing that, he might prefer not having such a girl enter his life.

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