6 Cool Ways to Add Spice to Your Married Life

6 Cool Ways to Add Spice to Your Married Life

Most of the married couples tend to get stuck in ruts and routines, forgetting about the fun and thrill of a newly married life. Responsibilities of kids, workplace, home, etc., make your married life stale and boring, leaving no excitement and fun in it. If you belong to one of the millions married couples who are stuck in their routine boring life, it’s time for you to look back and rekindle the lost romance and add spice into your married life. Here’s how you can bring back the spark in your married life.

1. Plan and execute what your partner enjoys the most

Now that you have known your partner for such a long time, you are definitely aware of his likes and dislikes. Think about the things that your partner is interested in and would love doing. These should include things he loves doing but had to discontinue because of the added pressure of maintaining a livelihood. Plan and execute what your partner likes. Your partner will definitely love you for this.

2. Take a break and spend time together

Though this may sound a bit tough for either of you, but nothing can match the quality time spent together. Take a few days off from work, leave your kids with your parents, friends or relatives and get away together, far from the stress of daily routine work, children and other obligations. This will not only help you and your spouse to relax and unwind, but will also help you both relive the beautiful moments that you enjoyed together during your initial days of marriage.

3. Celebrate with Chocolate and wine

Cocoa contains two chemicals namely, phenylethylamine and serotonin that is responsible for igniting the pleasure areas in the human body. This is what makes chocolates irrefutably sensuous. Alcohol, well known for achieving the perfect high, will take you both to an altogether different world. So, celebrate your togetherness with moderate wine and chocolate and have a sensuous evening together.

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