5 Things to Do If He is Becoming Distant

Things to Do If He is Becoming Distant

Men and women have been struggling to understand each other since pre-historic times. Hence if you are having trouble understanding your man, do not fret! Relationships tend to start with a lot of excitement and romance. Your man growing distant from you is just a normal phase many relationships go through. Should you worry about it too much? No. But should you ignore it? Definitely no! If you really care about him and want to have a happy future with him, it is important that you take the right steps immediately before they become a much serious and graver issue. Here we present you with a list of things to do if he is becoming distant.

1. Understand that this is very normal

Men in relationships are like elastic bands. They suddenly tend to get really close to you and for some time, they tend to withdraw. It is all a phase where they are getting used to your closeness in their life. Many times men draw some distance on purpose from the women they love, so that they don’t grow too vulnerable. So the first most important thing is not to get too worked up about it.

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2. Give it time

As stated earlier, this situation is very normal. Hence in most situations, time is the best healer. Take note of how long he has been behaving in this way. It could be that he is genuinely busy with something which is why he is unable to give you enough time. If this is the case, you freaking out will only make him think that you are really dependent of his attention all the time. So give it some time before you do anything about it.

3. Let him miss you

Many-a-times, men grow distant only to see how worked up you get. This is a test. The calmer you are, the better it can be for your relationship. If he is finding excuses to meet you, you also make plans with your other friends. Show him you don’t need him to have fun. This kind of independence will only make him want you more. And it will be a matter of time when he will be back to his normal self.

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