10 Signs You Always Seek Approval

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Seeking approval is not something that one can judge as good or bad, but it is extremely important to realize when you are over indulging in it, and it should happen with an amount of awareness. Some people are constantly under pressure to impress others around them. They may become popular that way, but in the long run, they may lose their real selves to an image, which is only formed in order to seek approval from others. Here are some signs that will help you figure out if you are someone who constantly seeks approval.

1. You dress up in clothes that will make people notice you

This one is a hard to notice sign, as people who have been living a life of constantly seeking approval from others often overlook this. Many people often dress how others want them to dress, and sometimes, these conscious efforts start turning into a habit. Remember that evening when you wore those outrageously uncomfortable heels to a party because you thought people would notice you? Also, do you remember how tough it was for you to have fun and let yourself free? One should take out the time and introspect to what extent one goes to seek approval. Once in a while it is okay, but one should avoid making it a habit.

2. You often hide your feelings in order to not hurt the other person

You are always good to people and that is a great thing. But one should keep in mind that sometimes it is good to be opinionated. It is important to let others know how you feel. This is not just important for you, but also for the person who you are so scared should not be hurt. What if he/she is actually waiting to hear your opinions? Living a life where you hurt nobody is impossible. Trying hard to achieve that indicates you want to be in everyone’s good books.

3. You can’t say no

This is a problem with a lot of people. It is also related to the previously mentioned point. One should learn to say no. Often a lot of inconvenience is created in your life when you avoid saying no. Also, it is a big sign that indicates that you want everyone’s approval. It is natural for you to feel that everyone should like you. But sometimes it is important to say no, and let yourself get free from the burden of the various unnecessary obligations that you always end up with.

4. You are a pushover

This one takes time to notice. You are always game for whatever anyone else suggests. You hardly make your own plans. Even when you have an opinion or a plan in mind, you change it as soon as someone else suggests something else. All these things result in you being a pushover. There are great chances that people will take you for granted if you continue to do so. Also, there is very little respect people have for pushovers.

5. You hardly take a stand

Sometimes, it is essential to take a stand. You should know what you feel about a certain topic and situation that occurs in your life. People who constantly seek approval do not have opinions. They are always clueless about situations. One should always give time to introspection, and help themselves to come up with their original opinions, which are self-driven.

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